Freemasons have been helping fast food places start up for a long time.

Freemasonic fast food refers to the corpratized, chemically unfit preservative filled food that remains consistant in low quality and presents lasting health effects. Nearly all of today's major fast food or quick service restaurants began as Freemasonic projects and are still funded by Masonic CEOs.

Freemasonic fast food is that it is damaging to the body, especially when coupled with High Fructose Corn Syrup.

One of the primary public concerns about the eateries is the low quality of meat. Most stores provide beef that meets low-end standards, meaning that often times sick and malnourished animals end up in the meat, or bulk amounts of low quality cuts have been added. Frighteningly enough, some DNA from these stores tested as human DNA, all but solidifying that many occult sacrifice victims end up being disposed of through well-known Illuminati assets in these places, and consumed by humans. Lucifer has tricked humanity into doing awful things. Please avoid the following establishments at all costs.

White Castle

Year of launch: 1921

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Year of launch: 1930

Dairy Queen

Year of launch: 1940


Year of launch: 1940

Massive Satanist group, uses humans including children in their beef products.

Jack in the Box

Year of launch: 1951

Burger King

Year of launch: 1954

Currently CEO'd by Daniel Schwartz, 33-year-old Zionist from Wall Street who has literally no food experience but has seen moderate gains as CEO.

Pizza Hut

Year of launch: 1958


Year of launch: 1959

Little Caeser's Pizza

Year of launch: 1959


Year of launch: 1960

Domino's Pizza

Year of launch: 1960

Taco Bell

Year of launch: 1962


Year of launch: 1964


Year of launch: 1969

Freemason Dave Thomas started Wendy's, but he was certainly not handed the reigns of prosperity. Thomas worked first as a manager of a Kentucky Fried Chicken location before turning multiple locations around from a regional position. He used money he made at this time to start the Wendy's chain in 1969.

Papa John's

Year of launch: 1984