Devout Luciferian Hillary Clinton gives her best all-seeing one eye pose.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is a Witchcraft practitioner and high Illuminati member, observing the Satanic Hierarchy.

Clinton has become a favorite among those within the Catholic Church. She is complicit with Zionist Israel and the New World Order agenda.

Her abuses are atrocious and include fraternity with those in the Ninth Circle child sacrifice cult. She is active in promoting Feminism and the Homosexual Agenda. She utilizes sexual Illuminati benefits as much as possible.

Many media outlets in the United States are pushing the idea that she is popular and liked.

Witchcraft Christmas Tree, 1993-94

In former FBI agent Gary Aldrich's book Unlimited Access, he describes how Hillary was big on letting people know that the White House Christmas tree was a reflection of who she was. The tree was adorned with ornaments that worshiped Occult style Black Magick, a form of Luciferian worship.

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