List of 10 Most Major Corporations is a collection of Illuminati and Jesuit owned and operated corporations that are most directly responsible for providing food, drinks, medacines and toiletries among other items. The Illuminati have succeeded in their task of creating a system in which their assets have a monopoly on production, manufacturing and serving food to the world, the United States in particular.

Laws have been passed in America that recognize corporations as people, really giving Luciferians in the government power when they feel like they are providing life to what they are doing. But only God provides life, and all of the people who are in the know and run these corporations from a Luciferian perspective will have to answer for their deeds some day.

Here are the most major corporations and the major subsidiaries that they represent:


Coca-Cola, Minute Maid, Sprite, Fruitopia, Barq's, Mello Yellow, Fanta, Mezzo Mix, Five Alive, Nestea, Poweraid, Monster Energy Drinks, Full Throttle, Dasani and Glaceau ("vitiminwater" and "smartwater").

General MillsEdit

Cheerios, Chex, Cinnaminn Toast Crunch, Fibre1, Golden Ghrams, Lucky Charms, Yoplait, Haagen-Daas, Wanchai, Pillsbury, Green Giant, Hamburger Helper, Betty Crocker, Val Nature, Old El Paso and Bugles.

Johnson & JohnsonEdit

Splenda, Neutrogeena, Aveeno, Clean & Clear, Visine, Lubriderm, Nizoral, Tylenol, Reactine, Motrin, Pepsid, Sudafed, Imodium, Polysporin, Benylin, Benodryl, Rolaids, OneTouch, Band-Aid, Listerine, Reach, Carefree, Stayfree, Johnson Baby, Nicorette and Nicoderm.


Corn Flakes, Fruit Loops, Corn Pops, Rice Krispies, Special K, Bran Flakes, Frosted Flakes, Just Right, Musclix, Apple Jacks, All-Bran, Crispix, Raisin Bran, Vector, Mini-Wheats, Pop-Tarts, Eggo, Kashi, Cheez-It and Nutri-Grain.


Mayo, Miracle Whip, Handi Snacks, Cheez Whiz, Cool Whip, A1, BullsEye, Jell-O, Maxwell House, Kenco, Jacobs, Nabob, Triscuit, Premium Crackers, Cheese Nips, Planters, Ritz, Club Social, Kool-Aid, Capri-Sun, Crystal Light, Del Monte Foods, Tang, Mr. Freeze, Kraft Dinner, Stove Top, Shake n Bake, Oscar Mayer, Polly-O, Claussen, Honey Maid, David, Oreo, Teddy Grahams, Lu, Fig Newtons and Chips Ahoy! In addition, they own the entire Cadbury Corporation which consists of the following; Allan, Maynard's, Crispy Crunch, Sour Patch, Caramilk, Twirl, Crunchie, Trident, Dentyne, Clorets, Stride, Certs, Halls and Bubbleicious. Cadbury is also over the entire Dr. Pepper brand which includes Dr. Pepper, Sunkist, Crush, A&W Root Beer, Squirt, Schweppes, Snapple, Canada Dry, Hawaiian Punch, Mott's, Welch's and Clamato.


Whiskas, Pedigree, Mars, M&M's, Snickers, Milky Way, Dove, Twix, Bounty, Uncle Ben's. Through their subsidiary Wrigley they also control LifeSavers, Starburst, Skittles, Altoids, Freedent, 5 gum, Excel, Double Mint, Juicy Fruit, Big Red, Extra, Hubba Bubba and Orbit.





Proctor & GambleEdit

Proctor & Gamble