Satanic Hierarchy 

A statue of Baphomet symbolizes worship of Lucifer.

is the current form of government in the world today, unknown to most of the international population. It is ruled at the top by Lucifer, god of the Freemasons and the leader of the fallen angels.

To understand the Satanic Hierarchy is to start at the top, and Lucifer gives his orders directly to the Rothschild Family. John Todd, a former member of the Council of 13, explains that Lucifer chose the Rothschild Family to be his inner-most confidants because of their strong Occult family beliefs.

Rothschild Family

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Evelyn de Rothschild is the current head of the Rothschild Family and is the person in directmost contact with Lucifer in implementing the New World Order agenda.

Council of 13

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What is left of the original Bavarian Occult group of the Illuminati, and it is alive and well. They make up the highest level of Witchcraft. The Council of 13 follows the traditionalist Occult ideals in that ruling members must be born into power, in this case through a bloodline.

Council of 33

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This is the most high ranking group of Freemasons in the world. They are in the know, and actiively working to help Luciferian causes with the Satanic Hierarchy. Each one of these individuals is demonically possessed.

Committee of 300

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This is the den of bankers. They are the largest group working with total Luciferian ideals in mind becasue this is most of the Synagogue of Satan. They don't give "orders" to the Bilderberg Group , but anything they want to do takes precident over their agenda should the two conflict.

Bilderberg Group

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Roughly 500 of the richest people and business owners in the world make up this bunch, who feel as though they are top dogs in the whole equation becuase they decide the structure of international foreign policy. These policies will always go on to protect the groups running the Satanic Hierarchy, such as the Catholic Church and Zionist Israel .

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