Zionist Israel is a horrific land of death and destruction.

Zionist Israel refers to the modern state of the country of Palestine. Its citizens are brainwashed into believing that the world hates the Jewish people and that there are anti-Semetic crimes going on all the time all over the world. Its citizens are used as political tools of the Rothschild Family and for the general gain of the Catholic Church.

The False Prophet, believed to be Maitreya, will first make his appearance out of Zionist Israel. The citizens have been brainwashed into believing that the Messiah has not come yet, conditioning them to accept the False Prophet as the Messiah when he arrives.

Early History

The "Father of Zionism" Theodor Herzl held the world's First Zionst Congress in Basel, Switzerland on August 31st, 1897. From there he was able to network with others that identified with his political platform, which was extreme and violent.

On January 26, 1904 Herzl met with the Pope Pius X of the Catholic Church to discuss the idea of using Palestine as the new home for the Zionist movement which involves 95% Khazarian descendents called Ashkenazi Jews. The initial meeting did not go well and was awkward because Herzl had not knelt and kissed Pius' hand. Subsequent meetings allowed for a plan do be put in place, but it had to be done without making it look like the Catholic Church (major propriators of the Satanic Hierarchy) were giving the land away as they are supposed to be the "hidden hand".

Balfour Declaration

The Balfour Declaration is named after a former Foreign Secretary of England, Arthur James Balfour. On November 2nd, 1917, he wrote a simple letter to the Rothschild Family in which he declares the country of Palestine (controlled by the Turks at this time) is now a gift to "Her Majisty" which is the English Crown. England is the politial and outwardly ruling arm of the Catholic Church.

Nazi Germany and the Holocaust

Herzl had a vision of at one time converting all of Austria to Catholicism by force. But he wasn't needed for such a task when a charasmatic Austrian speaker who grew up a Jew but showed that he was willing to do the bidding of the Catholic Church to propel his rise into power stepped onto the scene. Adolf Hitler took over control of Germany on January 30th, 1933. During his time as Chancellor of Germany, he was voted as TIME Magazine's Man of the Year twice.

Hitler was brought in for a variety of reasons but the primary one was to promote Palestine as a new Jewish homeland for all Jews worldwide. The sell was easy as it was constantly reinforced that another Holocaust was coming soon and that it was better to be unified and safe in a homeland than spread about and abroad. Hitler helped the Catholic Church achieve this objective, and anything else that Hitler may or may not have done is inconsequential to this event.

Post World War II Relocation Campaign

The Holocaust was engineered and financed by Occult and Illuminati companies for the primary purpose of driving Jewish people to Israel as political and psychological cover for carrying out the Luciferian New World Order agenda through the functioning government. Most immigration came from the United States, an area under heavy Zionist media influence following World War II.

Since the overwhelming majority of Jews worldwide are Ashkenazi Jews; that is they are of Khazarian decent, forced to be converted to Judaism around 740 AD and not of the descendants of the original 12 Tribes of Judah, they are not reclaiming their "homeland" as is the sentiment often pushed.

CIA and MOSSAD Creating the Enemy

Since their creation, both the CIA and Israeli MOSSAD have worked in harmony to devise and execute plans that further the agenda of the Jesuit order within the Catholic Church.

Their golden child is the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. The CIA was able to blame the Taliban, a group from Afghanistan that they had armed and chosen to guard their poppy fields. The Taliban had not kept a deal they made under the Clinton administration, and were keeping the heroin-making seeds and money. Notice the first military action following September 11, 2001 by the United States was against Afghanistan and reclaiming these poppy fields.

Since then, their creation of ISIS as proven by the Edward Snowden documents reveals that the spy agencies funded and created the group to engage Islam in a civil war as well as protect Israel from attack by surrounding the country in a "hornet's nest" effect.

Modern State of Israel/Palestine

Today's Israeli citizens are innocent people for the most part but many of them have a deep rooted desire to want to see the Palestinians killed off, much like the CIA Destabilization Operation of al Qaida has presented to them. Schools and media are well controlled and push the false ideology that Jews are constantly under threat while using said destabilization operations to commit random acts of violence against them. It is a psychologically damaging mix for someone to be constantly reinforced that their lives are in danger.

Future Purpose of Israel/Palestine

With regard to the future as explained by the Book of Revelation in the Holy Bible, John writes that Jerusalem will be the center of much conflict. The False Prophet will arrive and claim to be God on earth, the ultimate blasphemy against the Lord finally revealed by man. At this point the Son of the living God, Jesus Christ, will return in the clouds of glory. A new Heaven and a new earth will be created for those who love God and choose to live by His law.